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Just In! A Glowing Review of Saturday Night at the Trailer Park from The BookFest Conference

"Wagner’s writing style is rich with detail, creating a vivid picture of trailer park life that is authentic, yet slightly terrifying. Her characters are well-crafted, with each one adding depth and perspective to Frankie’s world. This isn’t just a tale of individual survival; it’s a celebration of the human spirit’s capacity to overcome. Readers are rooting for Frankie, hoping that she can “save” herself and her siblings, but with an understanding of her limitations."

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Gift 1: Little Scrap: The Fighter

This prequel tells the tale of the beginning of Frankie Girl's life: a world where life hurls one challenge after another at the Taylor Family. 

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Gift 2: Excerpt of Saturday Night at the Trailer Park
(Book 1 of the Frankie Girl Series)

Fierce Francine Taylor, nicknamed Frankie Girl, tries to keep her family together, even as the 'curse' of the trailer park wreaks havoc on their lives. Take a peek at Frankie's life and discover the challenges she faces before finding love and redemption.

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5 Star Reviews for Saturday Night at the Trailer Park
(Available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Digital, and Paperback)

Chuck.Pat in Sarasota

Sheryl Smoker. I love a book that draws you in from the first page.

Amazon Customer. Page turner!  Amazon Customer. Enjoyable Read                                                         

Les Stoltzfus Recommendation   

Author’s Bio - Kae Wagner

Writing in the genres of Modern Fiction, Family Drama, and Christian Fiction, Kae Wagner is a bestselling, award-winning author who writes fast-paced, emotionally charged stories that will both break your heart and fill your soul with hope.

Kae Wagner's strong, female characters face challenges that showcase the multifaceted nature of the human spirit, providing readers with profound insights into the enduring qualities of resilience and redemption, which are at the core of the human experience.

When not reading or writing, she slips away for her guilty pleasure of riding quarter horses in the mountains of Wyoming.


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